Q: Do you do fingerprinting for DISD or any of the other public schools in Texas?

A: No, we provide ink based fingerprinting on the FBI FD258 Card. Currently, the Texas Department of Public Safety contracts with L-1 Identity Solutions to provide this service for you. If you are required to obtain electronic fingerprinting with F.A.S.T. form instructions, you will need to contact them to schedule an appointment for you. Just go online to www.l1id.com to schedule your appointment.

Q: Do you fingerprint for other State Licensing such as nursing, real estate, phycians, etc.?

A: Yes we do. We are certified and authorized to complete State fingerprinting for all 50 states and for Federal (FBI) criminal background checks.

Q: How long will it take to do my fingerprinting?

A: It takes approximately 10 minutes per person for a 2 card appointment.

Q: What kind of lead time do you (or I) need for an appointment?

A: Most often we can get you in the same day you call - if you are wanting a specific date and time, it is recommended that you call 2-3 days in advance to make certain that date and block of time is available.

Q: What should I bring with me to my fingerprinting appointment?

A: You need to bring government issued picture identification, such as a driver’s license, Military ID, Alien Registration Card, or a current Passport.

Q: Will you come to my home or office to provide fingerprinting services? If so, does it cost more than scheduling an appointment at your Irving office?

A: Yes, for your convenience we do offer a mobile service. It costs a little higher because we must charge a fee for our travel time and fuel. The travel charge varies (starting at $25) depending on where you are located from Irving. Just call for a free quote at (214) 793-1155 or 214-733-7105

Q: Can I go to a Police department in order to get my fingerprints officially recorded?

A: Yes you can - but you may have to wait in a long line - you may have a very intimidating experience - and they will not supply the fingerprinting cards you need. We are certified and approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and are authorized to do the same fingerprinting as they are.

You will have a much quicker - professional - and non-intimidating experience by coming to our clean, professional office setting for your fingerprint needs.

Q: Is your service guaranteed?

A: Most definitely - Our rejection rate is extraordinarily low but in the event you recieve a letter stating your prints were unclassifiable, call us at 214-793-1155, make an appointment in our office, and we will re-print you at NO CHARGE.

Q: Will you submit my fingerprint cards to the FBI or State for me?

A: No, we will fingerprint you on the FBI FD-258 card and afterwards will wrap them and give them to you. It is your responsibility to send the cards off to the FBI and/or State along with applicable fees they require for processing the criminal background checks. We can also provide you with an FBI packet with the needed cover letter and other information - just ask us for that!

Q: What are your business hours?

A: We do not maintain standard hours at our office daily since we provide mobile service in addition to office appointments. We can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so let us know when you need to meet and we will schedule your appointment for you. Please note that rates are higher after 6:00 pm and prior to 8:00 am.

Q: Do you charge more for evening or weekend appointments?

A: Yes. Most appointments (99%) are requested during the day so if we have appointments between 6:00 pm and 8:00 am, we add $15 each hour starting at 6:00 pm. For example, if we meet at 6:30 pm, the charge is $15 higher than a standard daily rate. If we meet at 9:15 pm, the charge would be $45 higher than the standard daily rate, etc.

Q: If you are a 24 hour service, why would you charge more between 6:00 pm at night and 8:00 am in the morning?

A: We know that people have emergencies and some have erratic work schedules, fly in and out of the airport, etc. so we make ourselves AVAILABLE and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for that reason.

Q: Do you offer special pricing for corporate groups, CHL classes etc.?

A: Yes we do! We offer the lowest rates of all Dallas area private fingerprinting contractors. If any give you a better quote than ours, just let me know who it was and what the price was before you schedule an appointment with them and in most cases, I will price match or beat their quote.

We charge the lowest mobile service call rates in the area and the lowest per card rates. Our tag line says it all: DFW's #1 Choice for Fingerprinting!

Q. If we call you out for a mobile service call and we aren't ready for you to begin fingerprinting at the time we originally agreed on, will we be charged waiting fees?

A: Yes, after the first 10 minutes of our designated start time, we charge $10 per quarter hour (15 minutes rounded up) until we begin fingerprinting or notarizing documents. Our time is as valuable as yours and if we are on time, we hope you will be too. We have appointments scheduled throughout the day so starting our appointment late often results in us needing to reschedule or bump appointments with others and that is not fair to anyone. We realize circumstances happen though so if you need more time before we start our appointment, please notify us in plenty of time to make adjustments. In return, we will certainly call you if we get into a traffic problem which could delay us!

If you have any other questions on pricing, procedure, or appointments, please call us at 214-793-1155 or email me at jay@acsfingerprinting.com

All fingerprinting will be completed in accordance with industry standards. Fees charged for fingerprinting or notary services are for our time and labor spent meeting with you, thus we have a no refund policy. We do guarantee our fingerprinting so if your fingerprint records are returned by the authorities or FBI deemed as unclassifiable due to our error, we will reprint you once more at no charge in our Irving , TX office - If requested, we will reprint you at your location, however, a mobile trip charge will apply for time and fuel used while traveling. Rejections are most often due to adverse skin conditions such as medical issues (chemotherapy - eczema), washing hands excessively, dry cracking skin, cracks and lighter ridge detail due to aging, callused fingertips and injuries or amputations. Due to any of these adverse skin conditions, no fingerprint technician has a perfect record and a rejection due to these reasons are not the technicians fault. If your cards are rejected due to missing information, this will not be deemed “our fault”. Customer must fill out all blocks on fingerprint cards prior to sending to FBI. If your fingerprints are rejected for any reason not deemed our fault, we will charge our normal fee for re-printing you. If your fingerprints are returned due to low ridge detail or a skin condition preventing us from recording classifiable fingerprints (or other reason not deemed our fault, such as missing information on cards, etc.), we must charge standard rates for another set of fingerprints. We maintain an extraordinarily low rejection rate. In the unlikely event that you are notified of your fingerprints being returned, simply call ahead to schedule an appointment and bring the rejection letter you received with your receipt for your reprints – MUST present receipt and rejection letter. It is your responsibility to know if you are required to obtain ink based or electronic fingerprinting for your background check prior to scheduling an appointment with us. Blank FD-258 cards purchased are final sales and are non-refundable.